Sorry for the typo graphical errors especially from last year may. I have TEN blogs I contribute to.My middle name is clumsy. Not the kind of person most customer service people like to meet.what’s more I suffer from aspergers syndrome. So writing is a big outlet for me.

it’s a good job I have not been writing on chemistry otherwise there would have been explosions in some places.please do no burn my blog. Please read it. I blog only with my smart phone. I am short sighted. very poor sight with stubby fingers relatively speaking and an impatient and erratic spirit so these explain the typos.

I have been much luckier readership wise on LinkedIn sometimes as many as 4000 views but in wordpress i am lucky to get two readers in a day. Believe me!

I have to find the readers or the readers would not find me and I believe I have somethings of value I am putting forward. Sure my presentations are not the best but thanks so much for tolerating it.

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